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Eagle Wing Ballooning typically flies over the beautiful Dutch community of Pella, Iowa.  Pella is a small town on the edge of Lake Red Rock.  The view is lovely any time of the year, but especially delightful in the spring when the tulips are in bloom.  We can even fly in the winter!

A typical flight experience will last about 3 hours from start to finish.  We will set a meeting location and then drive to the launch site.  During the set up you are welcome to take pictures, or even give us a hand assembling the aircraft.  Once in the air you will experience flight in a brand new way.  Most first time passengers are amazed at how quiet (until we burn) and calm it is.  Since you travel with the wind you don't even feel a breeze.  The flight itself will last 30-60 minutes, depending on weather conditions and available landing sites.  After we land we will pack the balloon back up and then celebrate a balloon tradition that goes back to the late 1700s.

Please dress for the weather conditions on the ground, it will feel similar once you are in the air.  You will also want to make sure you have sturdy, closed-toed shoes.  While we take off on mowed grass or concrete, we will often land in fields that have rougher terrain.

Flights are unavailable on Sundays, as these flights are reserved for crew appreciation.

Payment is accepted via cash, check, Paypal (add 3% service fee), or Venmo (add 3% service fee).




Gift certificates available

Flight experience: 3 hours

In air: 30-60 minutes

Number of passengers: 4

Departure: Pella, IA

If your party is not large enough to fill the basket additional passengers will be added.

Children are welcome to fly, as long as they can see over the edge of the basket (35 inches) while on flat feet.




Gift certificates available

Private balloon flights are similar to a chartered balloon flight, except that you know only your party will be flying.  You can fly up to 4 people (possibly one or two more if some passengers are children)

Since you will have the basket to yourself, we will consider flying in a different portion of south central Iowa.  If you have a particular location you wish to fly over, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

0721 HotAirBalloon2.JPG


$1200.00 / hour plus mileage at your location.

Tethering allows us to ascend about 50 - 60 feet, and take several passengers per hour.


We need an open area about 200 feet by 200 feet to tether, and very calm winds.

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